About YouTube-Video-Converter.net

YouTube-Video-Converter.net is one of the best online video converters available on the web to convert any YouTube video online. You can use this tool to download any video from YouTube in M3 or MP4 format easily. 


Q:Why should I use this converter instead of others?

Our Converter is one of the fastest and safest video converters available on the web.

Q:Is it legal to use this converter?

Yes it is completely legal to use our YouTube converter and download video and files from YouTube. Lastly, there are restrictions on copyrighted material which cannot be downloaded from YouTube.

Q:YouTube converter isnt working, what should I do?

A:Make sure you arent trying to download copyrighted materials, if you arent try contacting us

Q:Why Cant I download mp3 audio?

Right now you can download videos in MP3 format in 128Kbps there will be more high quality formats available in the future.

Q:I have more questions

A:You can contact us by sending an e-mail to support@youtube-video-converter.net